Wednesday, 7 August 2019

GLOBAL FAMILY TEAMBUILDING. International Business Camp of MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOLS has started from big family game

Global Family Team Building at the MiniBoss Summer Camp in Bulgaria. Teams of children and adults pass through different tasks.

Each of 13 locations has its own difficulty level. Somewhere you need to be smart, somewhere neat and in good physical condition. And in some tasks you have to give way to a leader, trust team members, learn to listen to everyone...

Which teams will pass all locations faster: resourceful mini-bosses or their friendly parents.

Adults quickly find a common language. Develop a strategy. Act. Some tasks require unusual efforts. Parents comment: “you need to remember yourself in childhood, stop controlling everything, and listen to those who are close to you. It's fun! And effectively! ”

Teams of children - act differently than adults. They do not ponder HOW to do this. And almost immediately rush into battle! Empirically pass obstacles. Then they discuss what mistakes were made, and at the next location they are not in such a hurry, and they think before acting.

Younger participants share strategies, according to them, “Each generation has its own approaches. And they are effective when you understand your role in the team and the common goal. ”

They are close to a horizontal management model, where there are many leaders, many tasks, and options for their solutions.

Whereas adults are more inclined towards a vertical management style: when one leader controls the entire process, and each team member fulfills his role and strive for a common result.

Minibosses also have flexibility in making decisions. They are not afraid to experiment. And sometimes they come up with the most controversial moves. While it’s more difficult for adults to turn on the imagination, they’re looking for more traditional ways to solve tasks.

One thing definitely unites teams of different ages: Excitement! The victorious “We did it!” Sounds equally loud, both at 7 years old and at 37 years old.

Team building is one of the most important tools in the MINIBOSS system. After all, children learn to create projects in groups, and they need the skills to build effective teams.

Family team-building with parents is held once a year. This summer, a record number of people took part in it - more than two hundred people! Business school coaches organized interesting locations and creative games that captivated both children and adults from the first minutes of participation.

As a result - family team building - brings together entire generations. While playing, adults and children learn to listen and understand each other, take different approaches to solving problems, complement them, act together and enjoy common victories.


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms