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Friday, 31 July 2020

MINIBOSS Teambuildings

MINIBOSS Teambuildings is a form of studying the theoretical and practical bases of building teams for business in a playful way.

The desire to grow and develop, to contribute to the common cause, a responsible attitude to the matter does not appear among people in and of itself. It is important for a person to feel a part of a large and organic system, to be part of a team, one team, to be needed. Only then he does his best, show what he is capable of, unite with his colleagues for the sake of a great goal.

TEAMBUILDING'S GOAL is to rally students for effective engagement and to fulfill big goals.

Competently organized team building makes it easy to achieve such results:
  • there is a sense of unity, team cohesion;
  • there is a sense of healthy competition and active collaboration;
  • general team spirit is being promoted;
  • motivation to work is actively developing;
  • the authority of the captain / management is significantly enhanced;
  • the “degree of emotion” increases;
  • students train together to solve problems and tasks;
  • students are trained to study the problem from different angles and hear different opinions;
  • students train the speed of decision making;
  • students receive a psychological “reset”, that adds strength for new achievements;
  • the group ceases to be just strangers, forced together under the same roof, students become buddies and friends;
  • The overall productivity of the team is rapidly increasing.


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms