Human Brains Aren’t Designed to Remember Things

If you think that the secret to effective brainpower is to stuff it with as much information as possible using your memory, think again.

Look at these.

5 Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids To Prepare Them For Entrepreneurship

My first real entrepreneurial invention was a pencil holder made out of orange juice concentrate cans. I glued plywood to the cans that my uncle cut up for me, pasted Popsicle sticks on them, painted them, and went selling them door to door. I even took custom orders: for an extra 20 cents, I’d put your Polaroid picture on it.

A New Way To Learn: Guiding Principles For Future Education

A change in how we educate is necessary to realize the radical future we see for the world

I imagine a relatively near-term future in which robotics and artificial intelligence will allow any of us, from ages eight to 108, to easily and quickly find answers, create products or accomplish tasks, all simply by expressing our desires. From “mind to manufactured, in moments.” In short, we’ll be able to do and create almost whatever we want.

In this future, what attributes will be most critical for our children to learn to become successful in their adult lives? What’s most important for educating our children today?

For me it’s all about the five guiding principles of passion, curiosity, imagination, critical thinking, and grit- so, given these principles, what would an elementary school curriculum look like in my opinion?

Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms


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