Friday, 13 September 2019

12 ways to raise smarter, more successful, and happier kids, according to school educators and therapists

Back-to-school season is here, which means many families are transitioning from a laidback way of living to a bit more structure at home. It's also a time when parents are thinking about the wellbeing of their children in terms of success — which can of course be defined in a myriad of ways that aren't just good grades and high test scores.

We talked to school educators as well as therapists to figure out the best way to support children to become the best they can be emotionally, physically, and academically. Here are 12 of their golden rules, just in time for a new school year.

1. Watch or read the news together — and talk about it

From politics to climate change, kids should be at least somewhat in the know. "Parents can watch the news together with their kids to be knowledgeable on the issues that will be discussed in class," said Katherine Palmer, a teacher in Calgary, Canada. "Talking about the important events can help a student articulate their personal views, further allowing them a chance to use their critical-thinking and communication skills."

2. Show them how to embrace mistakes

Feeling frustrated or discouraged when you seemingly fail comes naturally for many, but staying the course is an important skill to learn. "Parents and learning coaches can set their children up for success by helping them to develop a growth-mindset approach to learning," said Erin Thomson, online middle school teacher for Compass Charter School in California. "This means teaching them to understand that their mistakes are a part of their learning and they need not feel ashamed. We want them to continue trying, questioning, and thinking so that they can always grow stronger both academically and socially."

3. Value and instill good character traits

When kids make it a priority to be a good friend and seek out good friends early on, they will be more likely to make the same choices as they get older. "Have daily discussions with children about being kind to others, being helpful to the teacher by listening and obeying, looking for the kid on the playground that looks sad or lonely and being their friend," said Karle Roberts, Regional Coordinator for Compass Charter School. "Instilling the importance of helping others and caring for others, is invaluable."

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

New certification for MiniBoss Franchisees and Teachers

New teams of the MiniBoss have been trained in standards and educational innovation. Franchisees and teachers have passed exams and are ready for new victories!

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

MiniBoss Franchise Summit. New Teams are studying introduce educational innovations

New franchisees and educators have begun training. They are preparing for the new school year. Two weeks they are studying the innovations of MiniBoss and learning to implement them. This is a world of new knowledge and skills, discoveries and inventions.

Teams from different branches are trained annually. This summer, the Franchisee Summit was held in Greece.

The new school year in all branches of the international network of the MiniBoss Business School starts in September.


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