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Monday, 3 August 2020

The Best Franchisee 2020

The Finalists were selected from 56 branches of the MiniBoss Business School & Co International Educational Network by the triple voting method (self-assessment by the franchisee, assessment of the Franchisor and customer assessment).

V place and a Prize of 17,000 euro went to Bogdan Lukan to the owner of the branch MiniBoss Chernivtsi Business School. Incredibly proficient and deep! Bukovinian students and teachers were lucky to have such a leader.

IV place and a Prize of 50,000 euro got - MiniBoss Business School Atyrau, Kazakhstan ­čç░­čç┐ headed by Liliana Khegai.

A woman born on April 12 is a victory woman. Today she won 2 more contests of our School of Negotiations and Overall Activity Score! That is, Negotiator #1 lives in Atyrau. I feel that the times are not far off when young Kazakhs from MiniBoss Business School Atyrau will start earning gold cups at the Startup World Cup Championship!

Friday, 31 July 2020

MINIBOSS Teambuildings

MINIBOSS Teambuildings is a form of studying the theoretical and practical bases of building teams for business in a playful way.

The desire to grow and develop, to contribute to the common cause, a responsible attitude to the matter does not appear among people in and of itself. It is important for a person to feel a part of a large and organic system, to be part of a team, one team, to be needed. Only then he does his best, show what he is capable of, unite with his colleagues for the sake of a great goal.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Elements of the Miniđĺoss Educational Model

MINIBOSS TEAMBUILDING - is special game activities (preferably in the fresh air) for solving complex tasks by a team and definition of effective team strategies and the role of each team member.

Teambuilding is the process of recruiting team members and establishing processes in a team to achieve a goal.

MASTER CLASSES for MINIBOSS are systematic (in the 2nd semester) classes at enterprises in the form of business excursions in which business owners familiarize children with a certain type of business (presentation, questions and answers).

MINIBOSS BUSINESS FEST are special educational festivals that include elements of interactive lessons, contests and creative battles, in which a beneficial environment is created for the development of students' divergent creative inventive thinking.


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