Monday, 22 July 2019

2019 Startup World Cup: People’s Сhoice Award

People’s Сhoice Award

1. Spirits of cave, Russia

2. Organic planting cups, Lithuania

3. EcoHandUp, Ukraine

4. Happy English, Ukraine

5. Anika, Ukraine

6. Ice cream land, Lithuania

7. Measuring rod, Lithuania (Open league)

Friday, 19 July 2019

2019 Startup World Cup the UN Awards

2019 Startup World Cup the UN Awards:

1. Good health & Well-being - Travel & Play, Ukraine.

2. Clean water and sanitation - It’s Just Help, Ukraine.

3. Industry, innovation and infrastructure - Soft Puzzles,Ukraine.

4. Life on land - Organic plantings cups, Lithuania, Well-being - Eco hand up, Ukraine

5. Partnerships for the Goals - Art-kids, Ukraine.

Congratulations ! 

MiniBoss & BigBoss Business Schools Students Certification

Students from different branches of MininBoss Business School received certificates.

A unique MininBoss program and methodology are the basis for a highly effective educational system of business education for children and adolescents.

The MininBoss Academic Program is 8 consecutive courses in business and psychology in which children step by step learn the heights of knowledge of the modern world and acquire the skills of self-realization (revealing their talents, divergent creative thinking, creating innovative ideas, turning their knowledge into a successful business, systematic thinking and the ability to create businesses and achieve success in them, the skill of communication, negotiation and networking and much more), which allow them to discover their full potential of the individual and become successful and happy people.

MiniBoss Business School International - Brand # 1 in Innovation Education

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