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Today, when children graduate from schools they do not know their talents, they do not practice themselves in any professional field, and they do not know who they want to be. They have never taken a course on career counseling, psychology, business, and so they do not know where to do, what to do and how to achieve success. The spontaneous choice of university forms the irresponsible attitude to their own lives and dependency, often from "the hated occupation." 
As a result by the age of 40 people begin to suffer from lack of implementation, but they do not change the risks. Is it the goal of each person? In modern world we face with theoretical business education only at the level of universities and without a practical bias. But this business knowledge is needed to a person not only when one reaches 20 years, but in early age when a child grows up.

KEY AGE 6-17

You need to start training as early as possible!

We accept children from 6 years old! However, you can start training at any age, for example, at 10 or 14 years old. It is better to get at least something practical from childhood from the MINIBOSS program than nothing at all.

At the same time, we recommend starting training as early as possible from the age of 6-9, because the neuroplasticity of the brain at this age is on maximum and the training efficiency is 100%!

The scientific and practical effectiveness of MINIBOSS is based on the formation of a child's outstanding abilities at an early age, when brain neuroplasticity still makes it possible to instill any behavioral skills easily and simply. Moreover, this fact is basic in the neurophysiology and psyche of a person as a living being with a high degree of survival. Only in this case, from an ordinary child, it is possible to grow a successful and happy person, an outstanding entrepreneur.

Everything in person forms in childhood.

Every child will be SUCCESSFUL by completing the full MINIBOSS theory and practice program!

Everyone will definitely unleash his or her POTENTIAL!

We do not have losers. Every student wins!

Unique humanistic pedagogy, individual and team approaches, practical training give a GUARANTEE of effectiveness!

More than 98% of our graduates have already become entrepreneurs or top managers of businesses!

Start learning on time!

"You can become an outstanding person by starting your studies at MINIBOSS on time"
Olga Azarova, Founder of MiniBoss & Bigboss Business School

MINIBOSS Mission is to create qualitatively new business elite of the countries.
Theory and practice of the business is important for the child to understand the adult life, for early career guidance, for the formation of character. Therefore MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL complex prepares each student for adult life by creating their talents and trying them in different areas of activity in front of the main choice of a career path.

We clearly know that today OUR BUSINESS SCHOOLS ARE NECESSARY FOR EVERYONE, as in countries with developed economy (UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, etc.), as in rapidly developing countries (China, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Poland, others), and in the countries that just start process of economic development (Spain, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Czech Republic, etc.). 

All countries need economic development! 
All countries need a strong new generation of creators-entrepreneurs, new Steve Jobs and Elon Musk!
It gives not only purely monetary benefits as a successful business but carries a high social mission for the development of society.

An investment in children is the most important task of any parent! Especially today, when the regular schools do not fill all the requests of time. Regular schools are important, they give a set of knowledge to children. But neither schools nor universities do not teach children how to apply this knowledge into the practice, turn theory into success. And this is the main demand of the modern times.

So it is no longer enough to be just smart!
Today kids need to know how to become successful and happy!

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