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December 11, 2023

MINIBOSS FAMILY: Top-100 Ideal Parents we proud of

Will your child be successful? Everything depends on you.
Those decisions that you make with your child in childhood are the answer YES or NO.

What affects the success of the child in the future and what should be the role of the role. We will tell you clear statistics of "the success of parents in raising future millionaires." 

Portrait of the parents of the future millionaire:

1. Choosing the best for the child - prestige, status, recognition are important for them!

2. Choice of the new - they are fearless to be the first to try innovations, they are the first in everything!

3. Expert pickers - they evaluate the degree of your intelligence. And already, if they bought, then for a long time!

4. Quick decision makers - they are essentially "Lions" - attack in one jump!

5. They rejoice at the mistakes and difficulties of the child - after all, it is on them that they will teach their young Lion cub to become strong! Therefore, they will go through the most difficult parts of business education together, helping each other overcome difficulties.

6. They themselves are an example of daily heroism.

7. They are usually entrepreneurs or high-level top managers,

8. They know their own worth, so they know the price of a high quality education and never bargain, on the contrary, they are always willing to pay more.

9. They appreciate what you do for the child - they are generous with praise and gratitude, they generously pay for the success of their child, they understand how difficult and at the same time how important it is to grow the strength of a child from early childhood!

10. They are the ones who will become or have already become relatives of those who teach their children the most valuable science of life. This is the MiniBoss family.

What affects the success of the child in the future and what should be the role of the role. We will tell you clear statistics of "the success of parents in raising future millionaires." 

If we create the Pride Rating of our MINIBOSS parents, then it will definitely include the following authoritative names:
1. The Azarov family
2. The Abgaryan family
3. The Górecki family
4. The Zinoviev family

5. The Markin family
6. The Marchuk family
7. The Markovsky family
8. The Magdiev family
9. The Maslov family

10. The Kravchenko family
11. The Marachovsky-Vranceanu family
12. The Crook family
13. The Shubin family
14. The Naumenko family
15. The Dimitrov family
16. The Gerey family
17. The Oganesyan-Ayriyan family
18. The Ayrapetyan family
19. The Menshikov family
20. The Melnikov family

21. The Makarov family
22. The Melnychuk family
23. The Loban family
24. The Podtopta Family
25. The Gumenyuk Family

26. The Farenyuk family
27. The Gorbunov family
28. The Denisov family
29. The Tambovtsev family
30. The Bakhchevan family

31. The Lukan family
32. The Roskrut family
33. The Bordian family
34. The Puklich family
35. The Politsky family
36. The Shevchenko family
37. The  family
38. The Gaidukovich family
39. The Wugelman family
40. The Eliseev family

41. The Berla family
42. The Tsepkolenko-Rutovsky family
43. The Kostin family
44. The Aidamirov family
45. The Shcherbina family
46. ​​The Sharovsky family
47. The Mikhailovsky family
48. The Apostol family 
49. The Kulchitsky family
50. The Bondarenko-Kozmidi family
51. The Danilov family
52. The Stepanenko family
53. The Chebotaev family
54. The Balanyuk family
55. The Zlatin family
56. The Karlov family
57. The Stefanovich family
58. The Chumachenko family
59. The Kharchenko family
60. The Beregoy Family

61.  The Dermenzhi family
62.  The Dolgopolov family
63.  The Gvozdikevich-Hailuk family
64.  The Prodaevich family
65. The Oksenchuk family
66. The Zapletnyuk-Marinov family
67. The Litvinov family
68. The Chindatsky-Slobodenyuk family
69. The Staschenko family
70. The Lutciv family

71. The Voichenko family
72. The Karavay family
73. The Chernyavsky family
74. The Placida family
75. The Manteev family
75. The Lee family
76. The Khegai-Kim family
77. The Ignatenko family
78. The Ivanov family
79. The Pasko family
80. The Titaev family

81. The Parvan Family
82. The Vurgaft family
83. The Kovtun family
84. The Granovsky family
85. The Radkovsky family

86. The Levitsky family
87. The Kazakov-Dimitrevich family
88. The Polevich-Sheremeta family
89. The Muradyan family
90. The Blazhitenete family

91. The Romaskevich family
92. The Bykov family
93. The Shpirt family
94. The Baida family
95. The Golovach family
96. The Bondarenko family
97. The Starov family
98. The Tkachuk family
99. The Grigul family
100. The Stanislavenko family

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