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June 26, 2023

£35m Grant goes as a university support to Ukrainian students!

The UK and Scottish government support Ukrainian people in general, support Ukrainian refugees in housing and support Ukrainian home stay youth to be involved in British high education system on online and in-person programmes!

So, that's why unprecedened scale Grant Programme has been inplemented in the UK by IBA for Ukrainian Students for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 Academic Years!

Grants for the education of Ukrainian students in British universities have been allocated by European support funds and the European Business Development Association.

The first university that received access to the Grant Programme for Ukrainian students was the Global Education Consortium International Business Academy, UK.

You can be awarded with the IBA BRITISH DIPLOMA or DOUBLE DIPLOMA UK-UA starting studing with a grang support of 9,800 pounds per year per each student!

Grant Programme is opened for 3,000 Ukrainian students!

Having a MiniBoss Business School International Diploma guarantees you additional points to the rating system when entering universities and gives a chance to receive a scholarship covering from 10 to 90% of the cost of education.

When applying to universities in the UK, you need to present an International Diploma with its registration number and a Letter of Recommendation from a business school, which will significantly increase your chances of entering a university.

You can study in 2022-2023 for Ukrainian students online or offline.
All Universities in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries, EU.... in general in the most of universities of the world just offer a traditional economics or technical curriculum to teach students.
But... Times are changed.
All national economies have been changed dramaticaly last 30 years.

Resorses-orriented enomomies have lost a power, new type of ecomony start to rule - innovations-orriented. In this case all universities must be changed dramaticaly like economies.

All students need another profile of programmes.

So, that is why we as innovators launch a new high education models and cooperate with leading universities of the world to build educational consortiums.

Odesa National Economic University was chosen as the first university to receive a grant for its high achievements in student education and 100 years of experience.

P.S. This is the sighning the Agreement of cooperation with International Business Academy IBA Consortium​, rector - Andrew Azarov​, and Odesa National University of Economics - ONEU, rector - Anatoly Kovalev.

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