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These Are the Core Elements Needed to Successfully Pivot Your Business

The World Bank says that the global economy may be facing its most massive contraction since the Second World War. The massive amount of job cuts in line with the slowing of the US economy has made one fact obvious. Businesses facing this dire situation have had to adapt or face their demise.

How to Think Like Jeff Bezos

Takeaway insight for entrepreneurs #1:

What more is wisdom than, well, hearing a cobra is poisonous without having to lose your life for proof? Bezos, then, makes a concerted effort to surround himself with wiser, more mature minds. Sure, hanging with people you’re smarter than boosts your ego, but hanging with people smarter than you boosts your intellect.

In short, to think like Bezos — in this respect — merely calls for, as he puts it: "Surrounding yourself with people who challenge you, teach you, and push you to be your best."

Takeaway insight for entrepreneurs #2:

Though "all the world’s a stage," the earthly platform appears overpopulated with lead singers playing the drums and drummers who sing. Why? To put food on the table! Too many entrepreneurs set their sights on reduplicating the success of the Big Four instead of merely "following their own passions."


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