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6 Fundamental Business Lessons for Startup

1. Your eventual business will be totally different

I have never started a business that became what I intended. You quickly learn what works and what doesn’t when you start engaging with real customers. You may find the audience for what you have to sell is tiny or crowded or programmed to pay peanuts.

Happy accidents make you the money.

A personal branding expert shares what it takes to build a successful reputation

Prioritize continued education

In Peters’s view, It doesn’t matter what schools you attended or how smart you are. If you’re not learning constantly, your career will flatline. This applies to anyone, from a tradesperson to an executive. Think your career is safe? Not if you’re simply resting on your credentials.

"Be a student for life," Peters says. "Don’t let the sun set today without being a little bit smarter than you were yesterday. There’s no question in my mind that the best student wins."

Peters, now 78 years old, practices what he preaches. He is a consistent book buyer, with a new book arriving from Amazon nearly every two days. He’ll often read on a Kindle but likes to have a hard copy available, even just as support to a digital version.

He says two activities that have helped him in his own career are reading and preparing "like crazy."

"When I go into a room," Peters says, "I’m often not the smartest person in the room by a long shot, but there is nobody who is better prepared than I."


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