New Intake to MiniBoss Business School (Harvard for Kids)

March 02, 2024

MiniBoss Masterclass at the National Bank of Azerbaijan

The Masterclass season in Baku shows us a real example of the relevance of MiniBoss business education programmes! Enthusiastically children study life, real businesses, and real strategies for survival and development.

You see in photos MiniBoss Masterclass at the National Bank of Azerbaijan.

"Now more than ever, the new generation needs to learn business from childhood, as it represents a new trend and a robust business culture that fosters the development of a powerful and innovative new generation", - says on the branch's Facebook page.

March 01, 2024

The role of technology in modern business education

Article on the topic: The role of technology in modern business education: Review of the latest technologies and techniques used in the MINIBOSS BUSINESS-SCHOOL educational process.

Today's children are growing up in a world where technology plays a key role in every aspect of life. In this new reality, educational institutions must adapt and use advanced technologies to ensure the most effective learning possible.

MINIBOSS BUSINESS-SCHOOL, a leading international business school for children and young people, recognizes the importance of integrating technology into its educational process and actively implements the latest techniques to maximize the learning experience.

Interactive online learning:

One of the key technologies used at MINIBOSS BUSINESS-SCHOOL is interactive online learning to provide students with flexibility and accessibility in their learning.

Using a specially designed online platform, students have access to courses, materials, and assignments at any time and from anywhere in the world.

This allows students to study materials at their own pace, review lectures, and interact with professors and other students through online forums and chat rooms.

The advantages of online learning are obvious. It creates a comfortable learning environment, encourages active participation, and independent learning.

February 29, 2024

Building a Strong Learning Community

Related article: Building a Strong Learning Community: Strategies for Parents, Educators, and Institutions to Create and Maintain an Active and Engaged Learning Community.

Creating a strong learning community is key to children's development and preparing them for a successful future life. In today's rapidly changing world, where knowledge and skills play a decisive role, it is important not only to educate children but also to involve their parents, teachers, and educational institutions in the educational process.

Parents, as their children's first teachers, are critical in shaping their children's values, motivation, and academic success. Teachers influence children's development by creating a stimulating educational environment.

Educational institutions shape values and prepare children for future challenges. In this article, we'll look at practical strategies for parents, educators, and educational institutions to help create a strong and engaged learning community. This community provides every child with the opportunity to reach their potential and achieve success in school and life.

Role of parents