New Intake

September 14, 2020


MINIBOSS Teambuildings is a form of studying the theoretical and practical bases of building teams for business in a playful way.

The desire to grow and develop, to contribute to the common cause, a responsible attitude to the matter does not appear among people in and of itself. It is important for a person to feel a part of a large and organic system, to be part of a team, one team, to be needed. Only then he does his best, show what he is capable of, unite with his colleagues for the sake of a great goal.

September 03, 2020


  • World-class business education for kids & teens
  • 8 courses and 12 types of practice
  • Edge-of-your-seat online learning
  • Global peer collaboration and networking
  • Real-world, case-based learning

August 31, 2020

MiniBoss and Harvard: 5 commons

1. Special place of power

MiniBoss and Harvard is a special place for world leaders. You can study in any secondary school or gymnasium, but on Saturdays you will want to go to MiniBoss , because only here children are taught real life, happiness and success.

2. Special selection

Not everyone can enter here.

The doors of Harvard and the doors of MiniBoss open only for the conscious choice of business families who definitely want to raise a strong and survivable new generation.

3. Entrepreneurial education

Entrepreneurship is the top of the pyramid of professions, it is a profession that gives the right to exist for other professions. MiniBoss graduates are a business elite that creates new goods and services, new businesses and new jobs. Teaching entrepreneurship means teaching you to be an outstanding person.


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms