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June 24, 2024

Startup World Cup Championship 2024 will be held in Istanbul

 Startup World Cup Championship 2024: Showcase of Entrepreneurial Minds

SWCC was previously carried out in the UK, Ukraine, USA, Philippines, South Korea, Bulgaria and other countries. 2024 Turkey was chosen for the World Cup as it connects Europe and Asia.

 We are excited to announce the upcoming Startup World Cup Championship 2024, set to take place from June 29 to July 2 in the vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey. This prestigious event will gather young entrepreneurs from across the globe, providing a platform for them to present their innovative ideas and compete for the title of world champion in startup entrepreneurship.

The Startup World Cup Championship has gained significant popularity among young entrepreneurs for several reasons:

Global Exposure: The Startup World Cup offers a global platform that exposes young startuppers to international markets, investors, and media.

Prize Money: The competition features a substantial prize, which is highly attractive for startups seeking funding to scale their operations.

Mentorship and Learning: The event often includes workshops, seminars, and talks by successful entrepreneurs and experts. These sessions provide valuable insights, guidance, and learning opportunities for young startups.

Media Coverage: The Startup World Cup garners significant media attention, which can be beneficial for startups in terms of publicity and brand recognition. Media coverage can attract new customers and talent to the startup.

Experience and Confidence: Participating in a high-stakes competition helps young entrepreneurs gain experience and confidence in pitching their ideas, dealing with high-pressure situations, and presenting their business to a discerning audience.

Access to Resources: Many participants gain access to resources such as office space, business services, and technology tools through partnerships associated with the competition.

Inspiration and Motivation: The event brings together ambitious and innovative individuals, creating an inspiring environment. The stories of success and the energy at the event can motivate participants to persevere and strive for greater achievements.

Competitive Edge: Standing out in a prestigious competition like the Startup World Cup can give startups a competitive edge in their industry, distinguishing them from their peers and providing leverage in negotiations and market positioning.

Networking Opportunities: Participants have the chance to meet and network with industry leaders, potential investors, and fellow entrepreneurs.

Overall, the combination of financial incentives, exposure, learning opportunities, and networking makes the Startup World Cup an attractive event for young entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their startups' growth and success.

The success of the 2023 Championship held in Glasgow, United Kingdom, set a high standard for what promises to be an even more thrilling event this year.

In SWCC 2023, young entrepreneurs from various countries showcased their startups in two distinct leagues:

·        SIFE - Innovative Commercial Entrepreneurship and

·        SAGE - Social Entrepreneurship.

Highlights from the 2023 Championship in Glasgow

The 2023 Championship was a resounding success, with participants demonstrating their ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. Young innovators presented their groundbreaking startups to a panel of esteemed judges and an audience of their peers. The competition was fierce, but a few teams stood out, earning the coveted titles of world champions.

In the SAGE MINIBOSS league, the top prize went to the team SCAM BUSTERS (Toby MusumeciIgnatius Mukhtar), Australia.

In the SIFE MINIBOSS league, the top prize went to the team ECONOTES (Salima Mammadli, Esma Dashdamirli, Esma Dashdamirli) Azerbaijan.

In the SIFE BIGBOSS league, the top prize went to the team MAPHI (Anastasiia Azarova) UK.



At the SWCC 2024, participants will have the opportunity to present their startups, network with like-minded individuals, and receive valuable feedback from industry experts. The championship not only recognizes and rewards innovative ideas but also fosters a global community of young entrepreneurs dedicated to making a positive impact.

Mark your calendars and prepare to be amazed by the ingenuity and passion of young entrepreneurs at the Startup World Cup Championship 2024 in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Why MINIBOSS from the age of 6?!

 What is neuroplasticity, and why it’s important when considering a child’s development and education?

In short, our brain becomes more rigid with age, and it’s important to form a strong foundation of thinking patterns from early childhood. Trying to learn how to see the world differently, or to behave differently even after 14 years of age means breaking and “fixing” some parts of the foundation. This requires a greater effort and is not as successful as building the right foundation from the start.

Thompson RA, Nelson CA (2001) Developmental science and the media: Early brain development.

Neuroplasticity and age

Neuroplasticity is brain’s ability to change its structure and function in response to environmental demands through neural connections. Neural changes occur on multiple levels and on different time scales (from milliseconds to decades) and can be positive or negative. Positive changes are reflected in improved capabilities and performance (e.g. acquisition of new skills and knowledge). Negative plasticity is evident through a decline or loss of functional ability.

Age is the most important factor determining the brain’s capacity to change.

Neuroplasticity is strongest during our first five years of life, which provides us with the invaluable ability to learn with enormous ease. We acquire new skills through mere observation, immersion, and interactions in our social environment.

After the age of 3, our cognitive functions start declining, and our brain enters a steady “use it or lose it” stage, when established neural connections become stronger and more permanent through repeated use, while unused connections weaken and prune off. This is why repetition is the key to learning mastery.

June 21, 2024

The First Startup Forum of MiniBoss Business School Johannesburg

The First Startup Forum of MiniBoss Business School Johannesburg on the African continent took place in Johannesburg.

MiniBoss Business School International has created Ideal Lessons. Students completed all stages of the MINIBOSS Startup Tracking at the Business Incubator.

Great job! Congratulations, colleagues!

Congratulations to the Wendy Blessing team!

The Startup Forum was invented as a format of Miniboss business school International in 2000 and became the first event of its kind in the world for young entrepreneurs.

MINIBOSS business school students receive real money from business angels to fund their startups, as well as consulting, marketing, and other support.

THE GOAL of the Startup Forum is to identify and support innovative and socially useful business projects for children and youth between 6 and 17 years old.

The Startup Forum is supported by the European Association for Business Development (EABD), local business associations, business clubs, municipalities, and hundreds of well-known entrepreneurs.

MiniBoss Business School International

New Intake to MiniBoss Business School (Harvard for Kids)