Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Best young entrepreneurs compete for the World Cup CHAMPIONSHIP AWARD 2018

The hospitable Bulgaria welcomed a new generation of the national champions. The teams of young entrepreneurs fight for the title of the Absolute World Champions at Startups World Cup Championship 2018.

The children presented different start-ups. Many of them were the designs of their own, including, puzzles, tabletop games, hand-written books.They were developing their start-up in a very detailed way, learning the presentation techniques, and getting ready for the judges’ most unexpected questions.

A start-up should consider a number of criteria. Business projects should be based on an innovative idea, while the social ones - on a creative solution of a problem, significant for the society. What is also important is the way the participants present their project.

The competitions will reveal the winners. Three teams in each category:“Best business project” and “Best social project”.


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms