Tuesday, 6 August 2019

BigBoss Global Business Forum. Startup World Cup has started from big networking

The BigBoss Global Forum brought together opinion leaders and entrepreneurship experts. The annual event takes place within the framework of the World Startup Championship.

In a world where the flow of information is too large to absorb, there are people who are able to highlight the main things and share important information with novice entrepreneurs. The speakers of the global forum share their experiences and projections about the development of their countries' economies, and what role the next generation of Z will play in it.

In his report, businessman Boris Pavlov cites data from the World Bank, according to which in 2035 the number of young people employed in free enterprise will break all records.

This generation will not be tied to a specific workplace, or even to one country on the world map. Most will do the job remotely, constantly mastering flexible skills. The traditional hierarchy of office work is a thing of the past, people will have to re-learn and acquire new specialties or additional competencies every five years.

Digital technologies will become the core infrastructure for the next generation to operate. Today, it is not enough to start a business. You need to use new technologies to promote and scale your business. In the future, offline business will simply cease to exist.

A number of speakers touched on how to prepare the younger generation for the changes ahead.

In particular, Marianna Lutsiv spoke about the importance of developing creativity and emotional intelligence.

What is creativity and how to train it – tells an expert Naum Sidorenko. He shows the scheme: how ideas emerge and how they are transformed. How this skill is acquired at different ages.

The founder of the global network of business schools MiniBoss Olga Azarova tells about the entrepreneurial mindset since the age of six. Brand #1 in business education is a systematic methodology for the development of a child, his eight intellects.

In the final of the forum, the speakers sum up: there are many tasks facing the business for today, and they are rapidly changing. Entrepreneurial cooperation will help you respond more quickly to global challenges.

And to young start-upers - it will help to see how the world business community works, to hear different expert assessments, to understand, to draw conclusions and the choice.


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms