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International Education Network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL is a BUSINESS EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS, is a new trend of the new world!

Today, more than ever, new generation needs to learn business since childhood, because it is a new trend and a strong business culture, which allows us to create powerful and inventive new generation. The new century needs new brains!

MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL - it is the International Education Network of the 21 century, which use the ready-efficient business model, new educational methods, trademarks, copyrights and to teach children and teenagers the theory and practice of business.
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International Education Network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL connects business schools around the world, their students, teachers, and entrepreneurs in the community of socially responsible business with a high mission - to develop a new generation of successful and happy people, ready for a significant transformation of the world! 

Exclusive program and interactive methods of business education for children and adolescents in the MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL was established by scientists and entrepreneurs of the Science and Research Centre of the European Bureau for Business Development in the initiative of the European Association of Business Development and work on the fundamental principles of the European Union program for the development of small and medium business - Enterprise Europe Network (EEN),

Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Associations, Business Unions, progressive Mayors of cities, governors and Presidents support our global innovative educational network!

The global network of the MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL is developing on the base of franchising technology.

FRANCHISE MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL - it is right to use the ready-efficient business model, new educational technologies, programs and schoolbooks, trademarks, copyrights, to teach children and adolescents the theory and practice of business.
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The tradition of child business education has been laid ever since the inception of trade and industrial production in the 18-19 centuries. As a rule this knowledge was transferred from father to son within the family business. Secrets kept for seven locks and dedicated, often, were simply not available.

Even today we cannot find any analog of MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL as an integrated system of learning the basics of business from young age to adulthood.
This is the education that is necessary for every child!

In every family there are children!
And investment in children is the most important task of any parent! Especially today, when the secondary school does not fill all the requests of time. Secondary school is important - it gives a set of knowledge and forms a broad outlook of the child. But neither the secondary school nor the university do not teach a child to apply this knowledge into the practice. And this is the main demand of the modern times.

Today, when children graduate from schools they do not know their talents, they do not practice themselves in any professional field, and they do not know who they want to be. They have never taken a course on career counseling, psychology, business, and so they do not know where to do, what to do and how to achieve success. The spontaneous choice of university forms the irresponsible attitude to their own lives and dependency, often from "the hated occupation." As a result by the age of 30-40 people begin to suffer from lack of implementation, but they are already afraid to change something in their lives, and call themselves «losers». Is it the dream of each person?

In modern world we face with economic and business education only at the level of universities and without a practical bias. But this business knowledge is needed to a person not only when one reaches 20 years, but in early age when a child grows up.

Note that in order to become a tennis champion, a child engages from a very young age (6 years old) a lot of training a day, spends a lot of time, energy and money to achieve the goal. It is also important in business: to learn from early childhood and develop the habit of being strong, resourceful, persistent, responsible and successful!
Therefore, a regular general education school for any child today is extremely inadequate!
So it is no longer enough to be just intellectual!

Today we need to know how to become successful and happy!

If your country already has MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOLS, soon your country's economy will start to grow and develop, your country will become a leader country!

OUR MISSION is to create qualitatively new business elite of the countries.

Leading universities and general education schools want to cooperate with us, because we are leaders of modern education and we are preparing the world business elite!

Theory and practice of the business is important for the child to understand the adult life, for early career guidance, for the formation of character. Therefore MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL complex prepares each student for adult life by creating their talents and trying them in different areas of activity in front of the main choice of a career path.

That is why the advanced secondary school / high schools in different countries actively cooperate with MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL (as optional courses) in order to add to their curriculum practical modules in economics and business, psychology and career counseling.

Thus, regular schools and MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL form the modern educational consortium.

MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL innovative educational model is 17 years old, but we have begun selling franchises only from 2015. We created our innovations in 2000 and implemented them on our own educational sites in different countries of the world. And from 2015 we began to sell the rights to our business schools through a worldwide tool for scaling successful businesses - franchising!
Now, educational secrets are also open to you!

If you want to open such a business school in your city, buy a MINIBOSS franchise with global brand and global educational standards!

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By this time we have a lot of official representative offices and business schools at the Great Britain (Head office), Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Lithuania, Austria, Netherlands, Philippines. So today, the MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL actively developed, by opening branches in new countries. Our way to expand MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL brand is international format of franchises, standardized training and certification of teachers.

We clearly know that today OUR BUSINESS SCHOOLS ARE NECESSARY FOR EVERYONE, as in countries with developed economy (UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, etc.), as in rapidly developing countries (China, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Poland, others), and in the countries that just start process of economic development (Spain, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Czech Republic, etc.). 

All countries need economic development! 
All countries need economic victories! 
All countries need a strong new generation of creators-entrepreneurs, new Steve Jobs and Elon Musk!
It carries a high social mission for the development of society!

The world is changing rapidly!
New management, marketing, IT technology has changed the world significantly over the past 20 years. And the modern school can not be a relevant and useful without a business education.
The entrepreneurs create the world - entrepreneurial ideas of Henry Ford, Souchiro Honda, Ray Kroc, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Muhammad Yunus change not only lives for the better, they raise the world to the fundamentally higher level. 

And not only their ideas inspire. There are other benefits of entrepreneurship to society.

Entrepreneurs provide the world with:
  • creating enterprises,
  • providing the jobs,
  • create the necessary public goods and services,
  • paying taxes, which mean all public institutions contributions for ministries, municipalities, schools, universities, hospitals, police, prosecutors, courts, etc.
In general, the larger the business development of the economy and the richer nation.
But that's not all ...

Entrepreneurs are real leaders - bright and free personality enough to listen to yourself and go for your dreams. These are the people who dared to go their own way and lead others. This call is creativity and self-realization of 100%! And so it is a feeling of happiness and self-sufficiency!
But who in your country teaches children to be successful, confident, enterprising, flexible, persistent, responsible?!

Who teaches kids to be entrepreneurs?

Only one educational institution in the world provides a system and in-depth business education for children and adolescents – it is the International Education Network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL!
© MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL intellectual property. All rights reserved.
Why MINIBOSS Business Schools have become so popular in the world?

The secret of popularity in the 5 "pillars":

• It's really interesting and fun learning for children! Interactive lessons and games contribute to the rapid and easy assimilation of the material. Business trips, prizes and earned their own money - the best motivation!

• It is an effective training - 99.8% of parents noted progressive changes in their child from the 1st year of school!

• Healthy Environment - Students are required MINIBOSS interview, in which they argue that to go to MINIBOSS is their own choice. They come here consciously. And motivated to learn in groups of children with good habits - it is a strong instrument for development.

• Preservation of family values ​​– we are for the connection of children with their parents, a deep understanding of the traditional kind, for the creation of family businesses.

• The international leader’s community - Education Network of the MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL connects business schools around the world, their students, teachers, supervisors, socially responsible entrepreneurs in the community of socially responsible business with a high mission - to develop a new generation of strong, successful and happy people!

Up to 2% of the population has the innate skills of entrepreneurship.
In 97% of the population these skills can be developed.
From 6 to 9 years old are laid behavioural bases of personality (character).

That is why it is so important to start study at the MINIBOSS Business School from an early age to develop a habit acquired skills and anchored in the fertile environment of like-minded people.

Over the past 15 years, we have trained more than 4,000 children; most of them have become entrepreneurs and top managers.

Efficiency of the MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL methods is confirmed by numerous of students victories at the National and the World Championships on entrepreneurship:

• 2005 - the Absolute World Champion (World Championship in San, Francisco, USA);

• 2006-2015 years - 1, 2 or 3 places at the World Championships in Shanghai/China, Odessa/Ukraine, Brazilia/Brazil, Buffalo/USA, San Francisco/USA, Seoul/South Korea.

High results were achieved with the help of the comprehensive educational innovation, created by Scientific & Research Department of the MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL.


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