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Entrepreneurship since childhood: How did the forum of startups in Kakhovka

Kakhovka hosted the first Startup Forum. The purpose of the Forum is to identify and support innovative and socially useful business projects for children aged 6-14 years. The mission of this event is the development of the Ukrainian economy through support of business initiatives for children and youth.

Young businessmen, representatives of Kakhovka and Nova Kakhovka schools, students of the international educational network MiniBoss Business School, throughout the year studied the basics of economics and entrepreneurship, ingenuity and project management. The children presented their first real business projects.

The Startup Forum was held at the Park Avenue restaurant. Young speakers had the opportunity to present their critical and perspective ideas for consideration by jury - entrepreneurs and top managers of companies, representatives of government bodies, in order to get an objective assessment of projects and investments for their development and implementation.

In total, 4 projects were presented. The smallest participants presented a draft of the preparation of sweets on the basis of natural ingredients. The middle group shared the idea of ​​making soaps with toys inside (in order to motivate kids to wash their hands). The next project is the production of screens for the home puppet theater. And the older participants proposed a social project "Clean City", which involves the manufacture of underground trash tanks, which will eliminate many problems with garbage in the city (this proposal was of particular interest).

The jury had an opportunity to evaluate the prepared projects (some even to taste), express their impressions, comment, ask a question. After all, for children, recognition, objective judgments and constructive comments are very important. As well as members of the jury provided partial financial support, grants for a total amount of UAH 4860 for the implementation of start-ups.

By providing support, everyone participates in the formation of a new, powerful generation - a young generation who can think big, make important decisions. This is sure of the Mayor Andriy Andriyovych Dyachenko, who urged children "not to be afraid to make mistakes, because every mistake is an experience", which will help in the future.

Beginning to create something at 6 years old, there is a chance to avoid many mistakes and risks at an independent age. By creating their own projects, children acquire experience and motivators of life.

Lesia Jozhikova, director of the branch, says: "Our mini-bosses turn knowledge acquired into a business school into successful projects and, most importantly, these projects are useful for society."

Deputy Mayor of the city of Nova Kakhovka, Volodymyr Nikolayevich Syryvatka thanked the organizers for a wonderful project that "teaches children to think logically, ask questions and answer them, have their own opinions."

The West gave a lot of pleasant moments. So, Olga Sergeyevna Rzhanova, the manager of the Privatbank department, invited the children to visit their department. He also promised to take 8 free lessons at the Business School to provide practical assistance in setting up future business projects. Olga Sergeyevna presented an invitation to the "Quest-room", which is located in Kherson.

There were still many good words addressed to the organizers and forum participants. Lunaela was convinced that parents made the most important investment in life - an investment in their children. All members of the jury presented the certificates of members of the council of businessmen for the support of the young entrepreneurial elite and assistance in the creation of social projects.

The forum is supported by the city of Kakhovka. School pupils plan to take part in the championship of Ukraine, which will be held in June and in the World Cup, which will be held in Bulgaria in August. So luck and new creative ideas for young businessmen!



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