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Miniboss master class: Elisamaria Torrea Davila (february, 10)

  • Topic: A leap of faith, that's all you need
  • Speaker: Elisamaria Torrea Davila, Co-Founder and CEO of Froggin for Kids
  • Online event
Elisamaria is the Co-founder of Froggin, an after school program dedicated to teach English as a second language to children aged three to twelve years old. Froggin was created by Elisa Torres since 1993 when she started teaching at her parent’s garage. After twelve years of teaching at home, she moved to a retail space in 2005, by this time she had developed 16 books and many games to use in class. In 2007, she opened another location, and by 2010 she started franchising Froggin to all parts of Mexico.

Her areas of expertise include developing ESL books and games, as well as leading and training personnel.

She can also share her knowledge and experience of doing business.


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