Friday, 14 February 2014


1. The signing of the agreement of commercial concession;

2. Payment of lump-sum payment, together with the signing of the contract;

3. Transfer Franchisee basic documents to begin work on the preparations for the launch - after signing the contract;

4. Rent / purchase of premises for school;

5. Branding placed under the corporate identity MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL, carried Franchisee: measurements, production of signboards, adapting corporate design under the existing premises. Consultation with a specialist in the design of the basic premises of the enterprise;

6. Signing the agreement on non-disclosure of trade secrets;

7. Brand business training from the right holder for franchisee and staff (special courses on the approved scheme);

8. Brand a teaching training - transfer of knowledge and experience in the education special courses for teachers and administrators. The transfer of materials for the Franchisee with the explanation of each item / lesson. Held annually for 5 years;

9. Certification of teachers and staff right holder;

10. Issuance of international certificate of teachers for teaching in the network MINIBOSS

11. After training firm - Franchisee transmission of documents "Standard MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL» for the Business School (recommendations for effective recruitment, customer service standards (children / parents), training programs, standards, lessons, instructional materials to textbooks, instructional materials to business games, multimedia presentations, video, etc.);

12. Preparation of a strategic plan with the Franchisor Franchisee;

13. Preparation of marketing strategy with the owner;

14. Developing a plan for advertising and PR for the opening of the Business School and the current year as a whole, taking into account the characteristics of the location of the Business School and the infrastructure of the country, region, city, area. Before opening, if you wish, to your city manager leaves the enterprise base for support to the "Open Day";

15. Placement of advertisements in the media about the opening of school;

16. Compulsory purchase of an annual corporate training kit for each student: a tutorial, brand portfolio, a pen icon / or souvenir etc;

17. Conducting mass presentations;

18. Registration of children in a business school;

19. Starting School - beginning of classes;

20. After the start of the Business School you get a constant and timely advice on matters concerning the activities of the Business School.


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms