Wednesday, 27 February 2019

MiniBoss Business School: Business Education of the 21st Century

Children of the 21st century live in another world: in high-speed communications via the Internet and social networks, in a high degree of virtualization of the world and services, in the sphere of their interests and desires. The speed and values of the 21st century create new demands for modern education.

Today, the entire education system is built on encouragement and punishment: the child behaves well - they encourage, badly - they punish. At best, there is a third dimension, in the form of accounting for heredity or the role of education. But on the whole, authoritarian, crudely materialistic pedagogy remains hopelessly two-dimensional, while there is an urgent need for understanding and recognizing the fourth dimension of the pedagogical process - spiritual aspiration upward, towards the light.

At Business School, children learn to monetize their talents and knowledge, create social and business projects.

Each course lasts 1 academic school year. The academic program of each course is divided into 3 semesters with different methods and focus of development (from divergent skills to convergent skills):

The academic year (synchronized with the academic program in regular schools) and includes more than 600 acad. hours per year, including

Unique MiniBoss student's study books on 8 courses:
  • The basics of economics and business (MINIBOSS)
  • Family Business (SUCCESSOR)
  • Generation of ideas and eidetic (CREATOR)
  • Market Research (MERCHANT)
  • History of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ENTREPRENEUR)
  • Rhetoric, coaching, sales and networking (COMMUNICATOR)
  • Theory of Invention and TRIZ (Innovator)
  • Career guidance, business administration (PROFI)

MiniBoss is the only children's business school in the world that guarantees 100% academic results: all students who complete the full cycle of the program (8 courses) and have received the International Diploma MiniBoss Business School (United Kingdom) are guaranteed to become successful and happy entrepreneurs!


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms