Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Innovative Startup Ideas of 2019 Startup World Cup Championship in Bulgaria

Some of the participants of the Championship are only 6 years old. But they can do a lot of things: generate a new idea, make a project from it, realize a startup and present it to the big audience.

In some projects children encourage to consume resources carefully.

For example, team "Clean and easy" — shows how to sort trash and use waste for the benefit of nature.

Young entrepreneurs from Lithuania ("Organic planting cups") have created organic pots made from sapropel – sediments of freshwater pool. The aim of the project is to grow plants in the ground saturated with minerals and receive generous harvest.

MiniBoss students learn how to create social startups from a young age. They notice pressing issues and create ready solutions.

For instance, project "Children of the future" is created to help aged people.

Initiative "Hear with heart" is created to help people with hearing disabilities. The innovation is that children have found the way to unite hearing and non-hearing people by a silent quest.

Participants of the Championship "One Click Help" — created and are implementing in hospitals an emergency button to speed up the feedback between patients and staff.

In project "Art-Kids" children have united art and charity. They create pictures, lead auctions, and the money from the sale they transfer for the treatment of an ill child.

Students of MiniBoss Business School love art. They study by playing and absorb difficult topics. Generating ideas, they create new games where they propose to discover the world in an interesting and useful way.

As, for example, startup "Happy English" which was created to learn English easily.

The board game "Mendeleev’s Friends" - for those who want to know all the elements of the periodic system.

Creators of the project "Open up!" propose to develop imagination and to create exciting stories in a special notebook.

As for the magazine and coach book "Тeenager" — created for teens by teens – it will become a reliable friend for everyone at this age.

After a talk with young people, there is no doubt that this generation is different from others. They are excited by the role of innovators! Experience, communication with soulmates who understand and support are very important for them.


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms