Tuesday, 6 August 2019

CULTURAL SHOW 2019 in frame of Startup World Cup Championship in Bulgaria

Participants of the World Startup Cup meet on the Day of the country.

Before the competition, children and teenagers present their teams at the fair and parade of countries.

MiniBosses are happy to share with each other their cultural wealth: souvenirs and treats. They talk about the traditions of their people, show national dances, sing and take pictures together.

It is fascinating to learn the traditions of other countries! This inspires to preserve and enhance cultural diversity in the future.

Young people, who are united by the ability to create innovations and share them with others, gathered here. In business school, students learn to generate many options for solving the same problem, to look at the world from different perspectives ... The more interesting for them is to hear how the same problem is offered to solve by Minibosses from different countries. Ideas are intellectual wealth, an important asset, as culture is.

The organizers emphasize: Country Day is an important milestone before the startup competitions at the World Cup. It gives an understanding of how diverse the world is, how important it is to appreciate this, and what people are capable of when they join forces and ideas.


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms