Sunday, 22 March 2020

"Happy International day of happiness!"- your MiniBoss family

Happiness in the whole family, business-is equally important! Happiness is when you do something every day that helps people find happiness. It is not for nothing that we teach children two important things from childhood: HAPPINESS and SUCCESS.

According to the UN resolution, this day is celebrated around the world on March 20. The day was established by the UN General Assembly on June 28, 2012 to support the idea of the pursuit of happiness, which is an inherent desire of every person on the planet and as a reminder to governments that when calculating the well-being of the nation, they also take into account factors such as the level of happiness, since only economic indicators do not give an objective picture. The resolution was supported by representatives of all 193 UN member States

The proposal was submitted to the UN General Assembly in 2011 by Indo-American , who had previously campaigned for its adoption for many years. He chose the day of the vernal equinox as a world phenomenon felt by mankind, marking the first day of spring in the Northern hemisphere, a period of renewal and new beginnings

The motto of the International day of happiness in 2016 is "Fighting climate change for the sake of achieving happiness on the planet"

The motto in 2020, I think, should be: "Develop your spiritual intelligence to grow in your social responsibility and wisdom, replace your anger and resentment with care and service, replace wars and pandemics with peace and health, create the basis for your own and General security - this is the first step to happiness!

Be happy yourself!
Take care of your family happiness!
Share and expand the boundaries of your happiness!
Start making your happiness today!

Olga Azarova, founder of the international network MiniBoss Business School


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