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Congratulate Winners of SWCC 2020 !

Congratulations to the Winners of the MiniBoss SIFE League:

1. The Startup "Smart Shoes"

Development and production of smart shoes with removable toe.

The team: Alexander Zlatin, Mariia Kravchenko, Viktoria Stepanenko, Mikhail Kharchenko

2. The Startup "Happy English"

Board game for learning English. Using the senses - hearing, vision, speaking and tactility. It activates the speed and flexibility of thinking, as well as the memory function.

The team: Aleksandra Slobodianiuk, Evelyn Lushpenko

2. The Startup "Talking Gift"

Creating a unique gift with meaning and a secret value - symbolic 3D candles of different colors in the form of famous full-size hand gestures.

The team: Sofiia Dolhopolova, Mikhail Kozmidi, Sofia Chebotayeva

3. The Startup "Live in English"

Combine your favorite activities with English. Sing, read, watch movies and TV shows in English, as well as make new friends.

The team: Victoria Argunova, Alisa Bulgakova, Ulyana Turskova, Sardana Sofronova

Congratulations to the Winners of the MiniBoss SAGE League:

1. The Startup "NO PROBLEM"

A board game that helps children learn all the rules of safety in a playful way: the rules of fire safety, road behavior, health protection and ways of self-defense.

The team: Vladislav Loban, Mariam Muradian, Daniel Kolesnichenko

2. The Startup "Smart Table"

Development and production of unique multifunctional table-friend which is the best friend at home, on the air, as a workplace or easel for painting!

The team: Anastasia Azarova, Volodymyr Cherniavskyi, Kira Melnichuk

3. The Startup "World on your fingertips"

A new type of tactile book is a Kinesthetic tablet for visually impaired children with sets of touchable figures for children from 5 years old.

The team: Varvara Tkach, Uliana Molodkina

Congratulations to the winners of the OPEN League

1. The Startup: "Mini Class"

Create short online mini classes for young children.

The team: Elizaveta Goryacheva, Kirill Trufanov, Emi Averianova, Sofia Kolesova, Maria Yakushenko, Yaroslav Severinov, Vasilisa Chumak

2. The Startup: "Demidov" online music store

The The idea of unusual gifts. You will not surprise anyone with a bouquet of flowers or even a smartphone of the latest model as a gift. It is much more interesting to receive a musical gift, which, like a mirror, reflects the character of a person: unhurried or impetuous, major or minor, funny or lyrical.

The team: Nikita Demidov

3. The Startup: CooL PaPer ComicS

Comic booksComic books based on Pokemon games and comic book heros based on Pokemon games and comic book heros

The team: Jayden Wang

3. The Startup: Aliens club

4 in 1 club for a community of special teens

The team: Zhannat Demeu

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