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July 30, 2020

Elements of the MiniВoss Educational Model

MINIBOSS TEAMBUILDING - is special game activities (preferably in the fresh air) for solving complex tasks by a team and definition of effective team strategies and the role of each team member.

Teambuilding is the process of recruiting team members and establishing processes in a team to achieve a goal.

MASTER CLASSES for MINIBOSS are systematic (in the 2nd semester) classes at enterprises in the form of business excursions in which business owners familiarize children with a certain type of business (presentation, questions and answers).

MINIBOSS BUSINESS FEST are special educational festivals that include elements of interactive lessons, contests and creative battles, in which a beneficial environment is created for the development of students' divergent creative inventive thinking.

MINIBOSS BUSINESS TOURS are special educational and entertaining trips for young entrepreneurs and their parents to study overseas businesses and culture. All this enriches children and adults, opening up places previously unknown to you. On the MINIBOSS Business Tours we have already visited the enterprises TURKISH AIRLINES, SAMSUNG, BMW, AUDI, PRADA, LUIGY BEVEALUQUA, DUCCATI, FERRARI, Lamborghini, EMIRATS, FLYDUBAI, etc.

MINIBOSS BUSINESS CAMP is a unique summer vacation and development of children with a view to increasing their life potential - “secret techniques” are only in the camp system of the International Education Network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL.


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms