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5 Habits of Quiet Winners

1. They can happily be a loser in one area of their life.

They see mastering all areas of their life as a Cinderella Fantasy. They expect certain areas of their life to suck. They know that if their business is booming then their love life might suck.

They see winning as a trade-off between different areas of their life.

2. They don’t care about looking like a winner.

Looking like a winner is exhausting. How many thank you speeches and podcast interviews can you do before you become overwhelmed by your own success? You can flaunt your results or get on with creating results.

Quiet winners are quiet about their success. They have better things to do than be on back-to-back podcasts and build a ridiculous personal brand.

3. They ask more questions than they give answers to.

Giving answers is boring to them. They prefer to ask questions and see where the conversation takes them. They see questions as a gateway to more ideas. And ideas have the potential to bring them closer to the next quiet win.

Nobody has all the answers. You don’t learn by giving answers. Quiet winners succeed by asking more questions than everybody else.

4. They give the credit to other people.

Looking good is a disease caused by an inflated ego.

Quiet winners want to remain in hiding so they pin all the wins on other people, to stay out of the spotlight. As a result, they attract a lot of good folk into their life because they build up so many random people’s lives.

5. They don’t flaunt success metrics.

Valuations, dollars raised, number of followers, money in the bank, number of employees, years in business, education and letters after their name — none of this is fun to flaunt for a quiet winner. They don’t understand the fascination.

All they know is they practice doing their work and occasionally something good happens. Then they get right back to the thing that makes this magical, rare occurrence happen.

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