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Startup Forum of MiniBoss Azerbaijan 2021

At the first time we held the Startup Forum Azerbaijan 2021! We are proud that MiniBoss Baku Business School builds a new history of successful Azerbaijan.

We have started a series of forums in different countries of the world. Startup Forums has been already held in Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia, Lithuania , Latvia, and after you Startup Forums start in Ukraine, Australia, etc.

At Startup forums, entrepreneurs share their money and experience with a new generation of entrepreneurs, this is an amazing experience of the legacy of generations!

We thank all entrepreneurs for their generosity!

We wish success to all young entrepreneurs!

You are great fellows that you are trying not only to gain knowledge in a regular school, but also to learn to monetize your knowledge into practice, making your future successful!

Congratulations to the whole Azerbaijan and to the MiniBoss Baku Business School owner Narmina Hasanova and CEO Elman Aliev!


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms