3 Ways to Learn Anything Faster and Better

1. Be adventurous

According to a researcher, learning becomes more effective (rather than it being passive) by exploring different locations. It is also connected to the fact that learning does not solely happen within the four corners of a room. Sometimes you have to exert an effort to explore different work places to see how it can benefit you in terms of retention and absorption of information.

Science explains that different environmental cues can be associated to a certain material or skill that you’re trying to learn which makes it easier to recall later on.

2. Don’t "overlearn"

People may feel that the longer you practice a certain skill, the more you’ll be good at it. Oftentimes, it leads to what we call "overlearning". Science belies this as it discovered that taking regular breaks will enhance one’s overall productivity as well as focus.

Another study reveals how "distributed practice" or breaking up learning into short sessions could be more beneficial as compared to exhausting so much time and effort.

The key is to create balance into your day by making sure that learning is always present without taking too much of your day which could lead to burnout.

3. Discontinue multitasking

Multiple research have concluded that turning into multitasking decreases your productivity and performance levels. This is also the reason why it’s hard to finish a book or master a skill, because you’re always interrupted by social media break or whatnot.

You can amplify your learning habits by staying focused on one activity at a time. Switching from one task to another will not only delay your progress but will also detract your cognitive ability to absorb/retain new information.

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