New Intake to MiniBoss Business School (Harvard for Kids)

January 21, 2023

"Success is not an accident, but a result of continuous deliberate effort"

Success is not an accident!
Success is an art of living and science of doing!

That's why we do global business education for kids.
This is really WHAT WILL CHANGE the lives of the next generations when they can unleash their potential and make their lives really successful and truly happy!

How to ensure that your child can realise their full potential and live the way they want, following their own path in life?

Which skills does your child need to survive and pivot in the next crisis, and achieve financial freedom?

Success is not an accident, but a result of continuous deliberate effort. It's a result of applying particular skills, developing certain habits, and projecting a specific attitude. I.e., it can be learnt by EVERY child.

However, there are no shortcuts to success, and your child will need to work hard for many years, so the skills, habits and perspectives become a part of their personality.

The earlier your child starts learning these vital skills and acquiring habits of successful people, the higher their success trajectory will be. Think of compound interest. The earlier you start investing, the greater the results will be. The skills of success are the same - the earlier you give this opportunity to your kids, the more profound will be their progress.

Did you know that brain neuroplasticity (i.e., ability to absorb and process new information) is the highest and learning effects are the best between 6 and 14 years of age? It's the best age to start acquiring new skills, and the earlier the better.

There aren't many Olympic athlets who started playing sport during their final years of school. Most of them start in primary school, at arounf 5-7 years of age. So why do many think it's ok to wait until the end of the school to start giving their kids the skills that really matter, such as entrepreneurship?

*Invest in your child from early age, when they can learn any skill almost effortlessly.

*Invest in your child from early age, while their brain is still growing and learning, which will help them develop the right thinking patterns and habits from the beginning, and you won't need to fix problems later.

*Invest in your child from early age, so that they have maximum opportunities to become the masters of their own life.

Imagine a confident young person, who knows what they want, and knows how to make it happen, someone who can overcome challenges and come up with creative solutions, someone who can pivot and adapt on the way towards their goal.

Call us if you want your child to be a part of the next year cohort and start their journey towards a successful and happy future.

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