New Intake to MiniBoss Business School (Harvard for Kids)

October 07, 2022

MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS Business Schools Grand Opening in Georgia Tbilisi

Four branches were launched in Tbilisi, Georgia.

"My husband and I have created more than 40 businesses in various industries. Yes, we can do business and make money in different niches, but it is global business education that sets the highest bar - business for businesses abilities of nations! No other business can give you such an honour and an important mission to raise a GOOD, STRONG and POWERFUL generation!" - Olga Azarova, MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOLS Founder said.


 "Our global network of business schools for children and adults gives the world hope for the FUTURE! Entrepreneurs are DRIVERS of all the economies of the WORLD! The national educational systems of any country are not interested in educating entrepreneurs, they do not need competitors, they do not need smart and strong people who can say NO to a dictator or are able to think freely, or just to be RICH. By the way, our system is interested in educating free and strong people! They are the hope of the future!" - Andrew Azarov, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ACADEMY Founder said.


 "Just being smart is NOT enough today, for that is just a SKILLED WORKER level. We have gone higher, we create the creators of economies, the "creators of the wealth of nations"!- Grigoriy Gurbanov, MiniBoss & BigBoss Business Schools branches owner said.

You can stand aside and watch our progress, or together with us you can change the world for the better RIGHT NOW and join:

  • 1. as the parents of a student of our weekend schools!
  • 2. as partner entrepreneurs buying franchises and implementing these super-strong educational systems in their countries and growing their national elites!
  • 3. as BUSINESS ANGELS and entrepreneurs-members of the Global BUSINESS COUNCIL supporting our students at STARTUP FORUMS Startup Forum and STARTUP WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIPS Startup World Cup Championship

 "Let's all together create a strong economically, morally and values ​​generation that will save this world from poverty, wars and devastation in the minds. Let's find the GOOD in every child and replace cramming and punishment in ordinary schools with CREATIVITY and PRAISE, let's replace grades with a GOOD WORD, let's replace lectures with BUSINESS GAMES and EXPERIMENTS! After all, what could be better than your experience, especially at a young age!" - Jamilya Kerimova, MiniBoss & BigBoss Business Schools branches Middle Asia CEO said.

During this month, we have opened dozens of new branches in Turkey, Poland, Ireland, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Australia....

 These launchings give us all incredible joy from the fact that we gather around ourselves and our business schools the most powerful and active entrepreneurs who, in fact, build national economies, create new jobs and new products, and create the very SUCCESSFUL FUTURE together!

Let intelligence always win over stupidity!
Let nobility win over impudence!
Let good conquer evil!
Let proactivity win over laziness!
Let the world be ruled by smart and noble people who are elected to this post (every 4 years new) by the same smart and noble voters who have something to be proud of for their successes and well-being!

Congratulationsto all GEORGIA and our partners on the greatest acquisition -
MiniBoss ბიზნეს სკოლა თბილისი
BigBoss Tbilisi Business School
Leonardo Art School Tbilisi
Royal British School in Tbilisi



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