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August 16, 2022

Negotiations: how to understand who are you talking to!

Sell like a Lion, like a Monkey, or like a Banana.

The most important thing in negotiations is to understand who you are talking to and for what purpose.

Ideal negotiations are those of those (according to TRIZ), where the client himself chooses and pays for what he needs. But as a rule, these are already levels of repeated purchases, and the first purchase is usually based on negotiations and it is wonderful!

If you are already familiar with the Theory of personality typology according to the Leo-Monkey-Banana metaphorical scheme, then now just practice your customer identification skill - do the exercise and predictively determine (in the picture above) what will be the behavioral strategies of these persons in negotiations if the target audience ( TA) in this case, Leo was always, and the seller will be either Leo, then Monkey (which for Leo is a victim along the food chain), then Banana (which for Monkey is an object for food). An interesting case that reveals all the variety of types of negotiations in the form of a simple and easy model.

So what to consider...

When negotiating Leo-Leo, the main thing is to determine who your client is - an adult and status Leo or a novice Leo. And in the first case, you need to give the client hierarchical honor and respect, and in the second - give the signal "we are of the same blood." At the same time, your product should expand the possibilities of "expanding the territory" for Lion. Therefore, offer partnership, cooperation in holding common events, etc. Show that you have something to give to the him, show the variability of offers. To show this is the purpose of the negotiations. Then the sale will proceed easily and on its own. Lions tend to pick quickly and do not haggle.

When negotiating Leo-Monkey, it is important to serve Leo. He already knows who you are. To be rude, to be sarcastic or to strive to "be on an equal footing" with Leo is dangerous for the survival of the Monkey. Therefore, here you need to clearly know and understand your place in the hierarchy and strive to serve Leo, being a "true friend" for him. The Lion cannot be argued, one should follow the path proposed by him. However, after that, you can take the initiative with the help of coaching questions. At the same time, always keeping Leo on a proper pedestal.

If you violate the etiquette of communication with Lion in this case, then "death is inevitable"), Leo will remember that he is a predator and "kill the Monkey", which in the language of business means a refusal to buy and even worse - a bad reputation after Leo's negative reviews. Therefore, when selling to the Lions, whatever it may be, follow their rules of the game and slowly and respectfully offer your scenarios.

When negotiating Leo-Banana, everything is simple: Banana is not from the pride at all and not part of the aminal family, but the banana is part of nature. Although he is inactive, non-attacking and uninitiated, the King of the Jungle Lion respects all the elements of nature and therefore respects the Banana's status and function. Especially Leo respects Banana for honesty and expertise (nutrition) in business. Therefore, there can be three sales scenarios here: Leo came and "bought himself", Leo came and gave an order to Banana, or Leo came and asked: "Who is the Boss here? Where is the Lion?"

The moral is:
Getting ready to earn a lot - get ready to change and develop yourself! Your sales virtuosity is equal to the sum of analytical research, a clear definition of the type of client and "soft initiative".

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Excerpts from Olga Azarova's Book "The Full Human Potential: Eight Intelligences"