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September 12, 2022

From now MINIBOSS in Moldova! ТОР-12 facts

From now MINIBOSS in Moldova!
Chisinau is the capital and largest city of Moldova. 

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Interesting facts about Moldova

1. Surprising is the fact that the river Moldova, which gave the name to the Moldavian Principality, is not located on the territory of this country, but flows through the expanses of neighboring Romania.

2. The bison, symbolizing the country, was not found in the regions of Moldova for three centuries after the mass extermination, and only recently this beast, which adorns the state emblem, was again brought to its territory.

3. The national dish of Moldova is considered to be hominy - porridge made with cornmeal. But few people know that golden cobs were brought to this country only in the 17th century, while the rest of Europe overtook Moldova in corn tasting by two centuries.

4. The Gagauz language, which has been preserved in the south of the country, is protected by the UNESCO world organization as endangered.

5. Vineyards occupy a huge area, more than one-fourth of the country. Almost 25% of the local population is employed in the production of Moldovan wine.

6. It is also quite curious that vines appeared on the territory of Moldova long before its emergence as a state.

7. The winery "Small Milesti", located in Moldova, ranks first in Europe in terms of the number of units of the "drink of the Gods" collected in it. Just imagine - more than two million collection wines in one place! For this, a local landmark was awarded an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

8. The oldest building in Chisinau is 259 years old - this is the building of the Mazaraki Church.

9. It was Moldova that produced food for astronauts during the Soviet Union. Unique technologies and methods for the production and storage of fruits and berries were developed here.

10. In the village of Tirnauka there is a museum of strong drinks in the form of a bottle, the length is 28 meters.

11. Moldova has a faster internet connection than America, Norway, and 150 other countries. Of the 152 countries included in the Internet access speed rating, Moldova is in 3rd place.

12. From now MINIBOSS in Moldova!