New Intake to MiniBoss Business School (Harvard for Kids)

September 21, 2022

New Franchisees owners Course # 9' 2022

 Now the franchisees owners of the 9th group of entrepreneurs for 2022 are finishing their training, who are opening new branches of business schools in different countries.

In the wheel of life people BORN new people...
Little people are called CHILDREN.

Why do these mini-people have a different name? Because CHILDREN means "not yet adults", they still do not know how much and are just learning to survive. The child may not survive physically, emotionally or mentally from the severity of the problems that may fall on his head. And life is just a series of problems and threats to life. And only those who learn to turn problems into tasks will survive always and everywhere, will be able to provide food for themselves and their families. 
This is success.

Who teaches a child to survive? His genes are like automatic survival programs. Parents as an example and advice. environment as role models. School as new knowledge and skills for the ability to be able to turn any problem into a task and successfully solve it.

And how to prepare your child for adulthood and when?
The answer is in this MINIBOSS briefcase....

1. WHEN - from an early age, when the brain absorbs knowledge and skills to the MAXIMUM - from 6 to 17 years.

2. WHAT - the most important thing for a child is his own strength, his self-confidence, his ability to TAKE and DO! And this skill is opened in the global MINIBOSS program through 8 courses, which step by step open and develop eight basic intellects of an outstanding person - a brilliant entrepreneur!

3. HOW - multi-format! When a child not only trained himself, for example, in sports - holding a racket and hitting a ball in tennis, not only memorized a lot of topics in mathematics and physics at school, but also ..... developed his ability to APPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE in various fields of activity, earning money from their talents. 

Therefore, everything is simple, more talent = more money. Higher ability to monetize talent = more money in life. That's all.

And if there are talents, but the child does not train to implement them in life (monetize), but, on the contrary, is afraid to make a mistake, and is afraid to start, and is afraid to fail, and the parent does nothing about it, then losers grow out of such children. But this child also wants to be successful and happy! And in this matter, it is the parents who either act or are inactive that play an outstanding role.

What should a parent do?
A lot of things .... At the same time, the main thing is that it is important to sign a child in MINIBOSS as early as possible so that he loves to live, fight for life and survive, creating his own story!