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April 29, 2023

Educational Franchises change the world much faster and deeply

If you are interested in educational franchises, then you know that education is a powerful thing that can change students completely.

In view of the fact that ordinary schools and universities use the old paradigms of education, we are making a real revolution in the field of education with our franchises, accelerating progress by the fact that the franchise is a ready-made and proven business model that is already changing the world.

Today, even at the annual session of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the main theme is "The Education Revolution".

Many people know the problems of mass education. In general, I will present them in three points:

1. Outdated guidelines for education.

The system of mass education was born as a mass phenomenon only an average of 150 years ago in Great Britain to mass-produce workers for the purposes of the industrial revolution. Nothing has changed since then. Schools still prepare a person as a "working profession". And the economy in the digital age is changing very quickly and, according to statistics, about 2/3 of professions die off by the time a student graduates from university.

2. Outdated programmes and methods.

Children in schools are taught as they were 150 years ago by memorization and retelling. Although an analytical mechanism was added to the programs - writing an essay, anyway

3. No one in the world trains the creators of economies, entrepreneurs, or innovators.

Only in recent years, leading universities have added entrepreneurship and innovation courses to their programs, however, they do not take into account the main thing - the age of the student. Scientists have proven that the formation of the "brain and thinking of an entrepreneur" is formed in early childhood, and not at the university age of 20-25 years when it is already too late for fundamental changes in the formation of a person's character. And for entrepreneurship, character is more important than knowledge.

Saadia Zahidi, Head of the Center for a New Economy and Society, Member of the Board of the World Economic Forum:

“How to achieve greater social cohesion? How to provide people with ways to social mobility? One of the most important ways is to give them access to the right education, the right skills, and the right job. [...] The future of jobs is not necessarily negative, but what we are seeing now shows a major shift in the skill set within each of the professions that will exist in the future - whether in healthcare, education or information technology.