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4 Steps to Help Entrepreneurs Cope With Anxiety

Here are 4 simple steps to overcoming anxiety.

Step 1: Write a gratitude list

One thing that 2020 has taught me is that we have to fight negativity with positivity. The first thing we must do when faced with anxiety is to take stock of all we have in our lives.

Make a gratitude list. Write down absolutely everything in your life that you appreciate—from having a roof over your head to good friends to fast reflexes. Anything. Just write for 30 minutes straight with no distractions.

Appreciate anything and everything. We might not be where we want to be, but if we are lucky enough to be able to provide for our families, then that’s a good place to start. There are those who may find themselves out of work, but if they have their health, then that goes on the list. Good friends, well-adjusted kids, a good collection of books, the new iPad Pro, all go on your list. It sounds silly, but when we stop to take stock of all that we have, we might surprise ourselves with how much we have to be thankful for.

After finishing your list, read it twice a day—once after you wake up and before your head hits the pillow. It’s amazing how this simple exercise will change your perception of anxiety.

Step 2: Exercise

Tony Robbins is famous for saying that physiology proceeds psychology. Through movement, we can hotwire our brains. Moderate exercise releases endorphins, hormones and chemicals into our bloodstream that change how our body feels, which in turn changes how our brain feels.

Personally, I love competition. Whether it’s playing basketball with a bunch of friends or climbing an 11-meter wall at the rock-climbing gym, challenge pushes me.

So hit the gym, put on those running shoes (or like me, put on a martial art dogi) and start sweating.

Step 3: Sleep

The simplest, and possibly most effective way of dealing with anxiety is getting a good night’s sleep. That doesn’t mean wasting the day away. It simply means we must get seven to eight hours of sleep. No sleeping pills. Just good old-fashioned uninterrupted sleep.

For those struggling to get a good night’s sleep, according to Harvard Medical School here are a few things you can do to improve your sleep.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and large meals.
  • Keep your room cool, dark, quiet, and free from distractions.
  • Be outside for at least 30 minutes a day, as daylight sets your sleeping patterns.
  • Use breathing exercises to help relax the body before going to sleep.
  • Taking a warm bath before going to bed.
Step 4: Meditate

Life has a way of messing things up. But before we overreact, the first thing we must do is calm ourselves. Meditation helps us clear out all the noise in our lives.

I do martial arts, and before we begin every training, we sit in “seiza” and close our eyes for a few moments. Though it’s only a few seconds, it allows me to clear my mind of all the clutter. YouTube has a number of good meditation exercises. I recommend you give them a try and find one that works for you.

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